Rev. Joseph and Mary Purcell have served in the ministry since 1989 and have lived and ministered overseas as resident missionaries since 1992. They have four adult children, and five grandchildren.


After graduating from RHEMA, Joe began ministering in the villages of Bush Alaska. In 1991, his travels eventually took him to the far northeastern region of Russia known as Chukotka, located directly across the Bering Sea from Nome, Alaska.


In 1992, the Purcells moved to Provideniya, a small town in Chukotka situated about 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle, where they lived and worked until December of 1997.

During that time, they established what is believed to be the first evangelical church in that particular part of Chukotka, conducted short-term Bible school training, and had a part in nurturing and establishing five other churches. The mission they established in Provideniya continues to reach out with the gospel to these churches which are located in extremely remote villages of Chukotka.


In 1998, the Purcells moved to Khabarovsk, a city of about 590,000 in the Russian Far East, near the border with China. There they helped to establish a Bible School, provided leadership training, pastored a local church, and supported ministry to homeless and neglected children.


In August of 2004, the Purcells relocated their ministry base to Singapore where they served as directors of Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore from 2006 to 2014, during which time they also established six other Rhema campuses in Russia, India and Malaysia. 

While they continue to oversee three RHEMA campuses in Malaysia, the primary thrust of their ministry is to conduct Advanced Biblical Preaching Clinics in Asia, for the purpose of training ministers to think exegetically and to preach biblically, in order to expound Christ-Centered expository messages from every part of Scripture, consistent with the unifying and overarching themes of the Bible, which are brought to fulfillment through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  


Changing Deeply

One way to think about salvation is that God saves us from ourselves and He saves us from our sins. Even after we become children of God by faith in Christ, habits hound us and true and lasting change can seem hard to come by. 

When you try to change yourself, the change is often partial and temporary. But when God is the One doing it, the change is deep and lasting. How's that work?