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Part of our vision is to provide logistical support to ministries on the foreign field. Logistical support is practical help. By doing specific projects with concrete objectives, we can help advance the Kingdom of God in practical ways in various places around the world.

Support JPM or any specific projects listed below, by contributing online or by mailing your donation to our office in the U.S. (designate on the memo line the project names you wish to contribute to).

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Books by Kenneth Hagin and other faith building materials are being translated, printed and distributed in a variety of Indian languages and occasionally other languages. These books are touching and changing countless lives.   • Contribute online.

Here is a testimony concerning the impact of these books.

"I am an evangelist in a remote village. I got your booklet Why Tongues and The Believer's Authority. These books are wonderful and amazing to me. For the first time in my life, I knew about speaking in tongues. I never heard about this before and am excited to learn this truth. I need more books to get the knowledge of God. Please pray for me."  Raj Kumar Tamang - Nepal.


Donations that are designated to "Needy Children" will be applied 100% for ministry to orphaned, disadvantaged or needy children in Nepal. Donations of any amount welcome!• Contribute online.


Donations that are designated to "Provideniya" will be sent to the pastor of the church that we established there to help her carry out her ministry in the remote region of Chukotka, Russia. • Contribute online.


Donations designated “Khabarovsk” will be sent to the pastor of Fountain of Life Church in Khabarovsk, Russia to be used in completing the construction of the church building.  • Contribute online.

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Changing Deeply

One way to think about salvation is that God saves us from ourselves and He saves us from our sins. Even after we become children of God by faith in Christ, habits hound us and true and lasting change can seem hard to come by. 

When you try to change yourself, the change is often partial and temporary. But when God is the One doing it, the change is deep and lasting. How's that work?