What pastors and other ministers say about Joe Purcell Ministries...

Hi! I'm Ida. I was really blessed through this seminar. The Lord has done marvellous things for my life. I was blessed spiritually through the teachings from the Word of God. It has encouraged me tremendously to proceed forward in the ministry that God had given me. 

I remember right from the first service the presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong and overwhelming, I could really sense that there is something great God is going to do among us through His servants Rev. Joseph Purcell and Rev. Samuel Dhanaraj from RHEMA Singapore whom God had brought to us. They were the right people God had brought at the right time! As for me, I was refreshed by the presence of God throughout the service right from the beginning to the end. 

Secondly, the teachings from the Word of God are so precious, powerful, encouraging and faith-lifting. My faith has increased! My spirit has been lifted up! My zeal for serving the Lord has been stirred up to continue serving Him more and more! More joy has been added to my life for the work of God in the ministry. 

Rev. Joe's teaching on the seeds has given me new enlightenment about the power and the mystery of the Word (seed) of God. Rev. Samuel’s teachings on healing was incredible and so practical that I felt it penetrated my heart. It makes me want to see the healing power of Jesus in my life! When Rev. Joe and Rev. Samuel prayed for me about the healing of my vocal cords, I felt faith increased in me and I want to testify that God had healed my vocal cords after few weeks of their prayer! 

Their teachings are so powerful that I can’t just stay silent but testify about what God has done through them. I had been quenched from the longings that I have longed for. The Word of God ministered was like a shower falling down to dry ground, refreshing the soul. Their presence in our midst in those three days were very timely. They came just in the right time to bring light to many. Once again I would say that they are the right people God had brought, at the right time, in the right place! 

The presence of the Lord worked so strong in me that I could not help but just want to be in that presence for three more consecutive days in prayer and fasting just after the seminar. I have received many blessings from the Lord. Praise be to Jesus who is the author and the finisher of our faith! He is the One who has called us and modify us according to His purpose and plans! Praise the Lord, Amen!

Ida • Shillong, India

Lisa and I have been privileged to know Joe and Mary Purcell for many years. We knew them as excellent students at RHEMA, and we have watched with joy and admiration as their ministry has flourished and been productive for many years, both in Alaska, and more recently in Russia. We are excited about their new assignment in Singapore. The Purcells are top-notch people, especially in their love for Jesus, as parents, and as ministers. They have served the Lord with great faithfulness and diligence, and they are tremendous ambassadors for the Kingdom of God in every way. It is my pleasure to give them my highest recommendation. If you are looking for an excellent minister of the Word to bless your church, or if you are seeking a highly effective missionary family to support, you couldn't find better people than the Purcells.

Rev. Tony Cooke • Tony Cooke Ministries • www.tonycooke.org

My first encounter with Pastor Purcell was a God moment. We built a bond out of a love for God and missions. Our church and overseas ministry has been enhanced by the ministry of Joe Purcell. His life and ministry produce fruit in those around him.

Pastor JD Duncan • Peninsula Christian Center of the Assemblies of God • Soldotna, Alaska

I have known Rev. Joe Purcell for over fourteen years, of which seven of those years I was his pastor. It is with utmost confidence that I endorse to you both the ministry and the person of Rev. Joe Purcell. He is a person of integrity and also a wonderful minister of the Word of God. A strong teaching anointing operates in his life, many times along with manifestations of the Holy Spirit present. Joe has a heart for Missions and will be a great blessing and encouragement to any congregation.

Pastor Peter Gallardo, Jr. • Family Christian Center • Palmer, Alaska

My wife Lori and I have known Joe and Mary Purcell for over 14 years. They are one of the finest families that we have ever met. Joe and Mary are fabulous missionaries with a vision for the world and heart after God.

It is rare to find people that live everyday with a passion what they preach and teach to others - Joe and Mary do. Wherever they minister, Alaska, Russia, Asia, the United States, all over the world, the life giving Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit are manifested in a way that produces change in the lives of people. I cannot think of a higher recommendation that I could give for ministers of the Gospel than what I give to Joe and Mary Purcell. We are honored to know them and we look forward to many more years of partnership with them in reaching the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ congregation.

Pastor J.D. Henderson • Life Christian Center • Clackamas, Oregon • (Greater Portland Area) • www.lifechristiancenter.com

In 1 Thessalonians 5:12 Paul said, 'to know them which labor among you...'

My first contact with Joe Purcell was many years ago. He was planning his first missionary trip to Russia, and as he told me of his plans, something on the inside of me became thrilled. At the same time period, we were in the early stage of church pioneering and were looking for a missionary to support. That support for Joe has grown over the years and continues to this day.

I have also had the privilege of working with Joe and his family in Russia on three different occasions. Each time, I left there amazed at the passion and commitment I saw, not only in them but the local people they surrounded themselves with.

This is a ministry of high quality that I feel honored to be associated with and support, knowing there will be much fruit produced for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Garry Hughes • Living Stone Church • Lakewood, WA

My wife and I have known Joe and Mary Purcell for nearly 14 years. As friends and partners of Joe Purcell Ministries, we wholeheartedly and without reservation commend their ministry to you, a ministry characterized by rich Bible teaching accompanied by the Presence of the Holy Ghost. Joe always brings a timely and edifying word to a situation, honed by years on the mission field; you will be blessed by his ministry!

Pastor Keith Kurber • Harvest Church, Fairbanks, Alaska

It has been a great joy to be associated with and friends with Joe and Mary Purcell and their entire family. We have known Joe and Mary for approximately 12 years. The most remarkable thing about this ministry is it's pioneering spirit. It has been an inspiration as we watch them work in the harvest fields, much of which is spent plowing the ground where no one else would really want to go. They have done so with joy and great grace and we have found their work to be a very productive investment of our missions giving.

Joe and Mary have one of the most solid families that I have ever known. They have not only raised up many believers and churches, but have raised up four children who love God with all of their heart, and are active with them in the ministry while at home.

I have had the joy to minister with Joe in Russia and Nepal and I can say without hesitation that he has a word and a vision for the nations, and accomplishes much with his time and funding. I believe that it is a reslt of the integrity of heart that Joe maintains before the Lord and his absolute reliance on the grace of God.

Pastors Tim & Peggy Kutz • Victory Church • Bartlesville, Oklahoma

It is a great joy of mine to be able to affirm the ministry of Joe Purcell. I have known Joe and Mary since 1989. It is always a joy to have them with us. Joe has always impressed me with the depth of his commitment to spread the Gospel, the strength of his character, his ability to teach the Word of God with clarity and his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Over the past 15 years I have had Joe minister in my church and in retreat settings as often as his schedule would allow. Since meeting Joe we have pastored 3 churches, and at my recommendation, all of them have supported Joe financially. I believe with all my heart that Joe loves God, loves His Word, loves people, and that the favor of God is upon him and his entire family.

Pastor Mike Lyon • Open Bible Christian Center • Yakima, WA

Inga and I have worked closely with Joe and Mary Purcell for about ten years. In fact, Inga was saved under their ministry in a church they pioneered in the Arctic Russian town of Provideniya. Joe and Mary are like surrogate parents to us and are our mentors.

There is much to say about Joe and Mary's rich and multi-faceted life and ministry, but we will try to touch some of the highlights. The first thing that comes to mind is the genuine quality of their ministry, both spiritually and naturally.

Spiritually speaking, the messages that Joe and Mary minister are truly life changing. They have some of the clearest, applicable, and anointed teaching that we have ever heard. Another striking thing about their ministry is that they are Spirit-led. We have utmost confidence in their ability to hear from the Holy Spirit and obediently do what He says. Joe and Mary are also very strong in the Gifts of the Spirit. There is an abundance of manifestations of the Holy Spirit through them, particularly prophecy, word of knowledge, and gifts of healing. Joe and Mary are high caliber people of God, called by God, anointed by God.

Naturally speaking, Joe and Mary are people of tremendous integrity. They are completely honest in their affairs. On a lighter note, Joe is extremely funny. He's Irish and his rapier w it shines through in a positive light. Both Joe and Mary are very creative and great visionaries. Last but not least, they are exceptional parents. They have a godly, close knit family. Perhaps this is their greatest accomplishment.

I remember once telling Joe that I would just as soon listen to him teach as listen to any other minister with no exception. I stand by that statement. We recommend Joe and Mary to any pastor, church, or ministry. Not only are they great ministers, they are great Christians. They love Christ and have wholly surrendered their lives to Him. There is nothing higher we can say.

Pastors David and Inga Maxey • Fountain of Life Church • Khabarovsk, Russia • The Russian Far East • www.davidmaxey.org

Joe Purcell has been a pivotal blessing to me personally as well as to our church. His wisdom, advice and gift have given me real encouragement as a pastor. His experiences and ministry within our church have been very effective. I find his obedience and genuine devotion to his family and calling very inspiring. I count it a privilege and honor to have Joe as a colleague and friend. I would recommend Joe & Mary without reservation to anyone looking to be challenged and for wisdom.

Pastor Rickey G Sharkey • Spokane Christian Center • Spokane, WA • www.spokanechristiancenter.org

I have heard many people teach, but never anyone with the ability and anointing that Rev. Joe Purcell teaches with. Joe is truly called to teach and fits the description of a 'teacher' in the sense of the five-fold ministry gift. He is very sensitive to the needs of the local church, a real friend to pastors, and a blessing to all who are privileged to sit under his ministry.

Pastor Bill Welch • Sitka Assembly of God • Superintendent, Alaska District Council of the A/G • Sitka, AK

It has been the privilege of our local church to support the ministry of Joe and Mary Purcell for the past eight years. Having received the ministry of Joe in our fellowship on numerous occasions, and having traveled to the Russian Far East to minister alongside him, I have found in him the heart and passion of a great missionary. From his initial success in planting churches in the Chukotka region to his development of a Bible School and a growing church in Khabarovsk, Joe has exhibited a true collegiality in his call as a pastor, missionary, and teacher.

Pastor Al Woods, D.Min. • Door of Hope Church • Fairbanks, AK • www.doorofhopechurch.org


Changing Deeply

One way to think about salvation is that God saves us from ourselves and He saves us from our sins. Even after we become children of God by faith in Christ, habits hound us and true and lasting change can seem hard to come by. 

When you try to change yourself, the change is often partial and temporary. But when God is the One doing it, the change is deep and lasting. How's that work?